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The final result is determined based on each side’s proportion of the total placed value. That means the higher the percentage of placed bets, the greater the chance of winning.

Sounds pretty unfair? Please note some information as follows:

- The duration of each game is currently 180 seconds.
- At the last 60 seconds, the side with the higher placed value will be LOCKED. Other players can only place on other side but no greater than the value of locked side.
- At the last 5 seconds, the system will not allow any further betting, regardless of the value placed on either side.
- Fair Game Mode: is turned ON when the total value placed for the two sides is equal in the last 60 seconds. The system will not allow any more bets. The winning chance is backed to 50% vs 50%.
- Check Rate button show you the results of 10K single draw tests . Use it just for reference only. GLHF.