• To start with dota247

  • 1. Verify your game role (Ignore it if you did it already)

    - If you use Dota247 website, just follow the instructions when log in. For our plus App users, you can log in through steam directly or search for your account first and "Verify your account" afterward.

    - In the steam page, type in your username and password, and log in your steam account

    We will give you a verified tag after your verification.

  • 2. Publicize your Dota 2 inventory (Skip it if you did it already)

    - Log into the official Steam website, click "View profile" in the upper right corner, and click "Edit Profile".

    - Select "My Privacy Settings", and set both "Profile Status" and "Inventory" to "Public".

  • 3. Set trade URL

    - Go to user profile from top menu

    - Press Steam Trade URL with red color to open steam trade offer page.

    - Copy "trade url" from trade offer page then comeback D247's user profile then paste to input. After all press save to save your trade url. We will keep this secret and dont share this trade url to anyone.

  • 4. Activate your mobile authenticator. (Skip it if you did it already)

    You must have activated mobile authenticator for at least 7 days before you can use our item bet functions. Please follow the steps below:
    Download Steam mobile app.

    Log in your steam account, and from the upper left corner, select "Steam Guard".

    Then, Add authenticator and phone according to the Steam instructions.

    So as to guarantee the safety of every trade, you have to confirm it through you Steam app. Specifically, click "Confirmations", and confirm trade offers

  • Deposite and Withdraw

  • 1. What is D247 inventory and Steam inventory in Dota247.com ?

    - Steam inventory : This is place that show out all of items in your Steam account (If be banned items wont be displayed)
    - D247 inventory : This is place that show up all of items that you deposited in our system.
    - Stem inventory will contain all of your items in Dota2. You can send from Steam Inventory to Your D247 Inventory to take part in betting items activity.
    - D247 Inventory includes all of items in our system, and mostly be used for our games in our page. About reward we will annouce and carry out via D247 Inventory
    You can send items from Steam Inventory to D247 in any time you want, vice vesa with Withdraw items from D247 Inventory to Steam Inventory.

  • 2. Deposit Items

    - Log in Dota247, click account name in the right corner then click Steam Inventory.

    - Choose items that you wanna deposit for us by click to items image, then click “Deposit”

    If this is first time you play with dota247 you should need to verify your account. Click goto profile page (only 1 times for new account)

    We will redirect you to profile page then click to verify

    Wait a seconds then system will alert

    Go back to Steam Inventory from left menu or user top menu then choose items and click "Deposit"

    System will prompt you to go trade page (this trade page is owned by Valve)

    Click to confirm trade contents

    Open steam APP on your Phone. Then click to confirmation

    Enter confirmation with dota247 then click "Accept"

    When all done. Back to Steam Inventory , system will alert

    Congratulations!! Now go to D247 to see your items you just added to D247

  • 3. Withdraw Items

    Go to D247 inventory, click to items you want to withdraw then click Take Back

    Your servant will process then you will see which bot will work with you. Wait a seconds and click to ready to withdraw

    Click to confirm trade contents

    And accept trust our bot

    Click to aceept trade

    And your will receive recept when done. Go to your steam Inventory to meet your withdraw items