2017-04-22 19:16:48


( Please read our Rules before betting)


1. Item :


1.1 Estimation:

All items’ price will be estimated by Dota247. We will based on Steam’s price to make a fine price list for each item

Items’ price will be updated by every Monday.


1.2 Unusable Items

There are few reasons for Unusable Items: Cannot be traded; unstable price; low price (lower than 0.1$), low trade on Steam…These items will not be visible in Dota247 inventory.

Unusable Items list will be updated by every Monday.

1.3 Price limits

Dota247 only accept items with price higher than 0.1$ to ensure the best award.


1.4 Item Quality

When you make the withdraw with items that was deposited in Dota247, we only can give you back the item with same name, same quality and same price. Those items can have different gems.



2. Betting :

2.1 Bet type in :

   a. Handicap: About handicap, "-" means being handicapped, "+" means handicap. A Team -0.5 means A team being handicapped with 0.5 points. In final result, 0.5 point of A team needs to be deducted before compare with B team.

    b. 10 Kills: Means any teams got the first 10 kills in scoreboard (commit suicide, killed by allies or killed by creep also means kill)

    c. First Blood: Means any team got the first kill (marked by game’ system)

   d. First kill Courier: Means any team got the first kill of enemy’s Courier will win the bet.

   e. First De-Wards: Means any team destroy enemy’s ward first will win this bet.

   f. First buy Blink: Means any team has Hero buy item Blink first will win the bet.

   g. Final Score: Any team that be called GG by Organizer will be the Winner. But in some special cases, will base on the result to make the final decision.


2.2 Note :

  a. The winner result will based on the officially result of the Organizer.

  b. In special situation, if the game is canceled or delayed, Dota247 will return the item of that bet. Specific situation will based on the officially notice of the Organizer.

  c. Items cannot be deposited in Locked bet, you can change the bet team 10 mins before the battle begins. Since the bet is locked, the odds cannot be change.

  d. In the case of force majeure, Dota247 will stop the opened bet and return items for gamer (will have specific notice).



3. Awards payment :

3.1 Bet win :

After the final result is released, we will base on total price of items that you deposited, and the Winrate of the bet to pay the reward.

E.g: Deposited 5 items, total price is 10Value,  Winrate is 2.3  > Winner will receive  : 10 * 2.3 = 23 value


3.2 Paid Item for winner:

Total value of paid items will equal with the final value player gain in a bet. Prioritize paid items with the same quality with bet items.